HolyMama Hub Membership

HolyMama Hub Membership

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HolyMama Hub is an at-home, at your-fingertips retreat experience. This is your sanctuary of renewal, if you are a busy mother or working woman, craving some self-care time. The online membership costs  111 Euros, with 15% of the proceeds going to women and children in crisis.

The fast, simple and easy to implement tools allow you to refill your cup and nourish yourself in a matter of minutes, whenever you need it. Our Hub archive includes themed videos on yoga, embodiment, meditations, guided soul journeys and recipes from our amazing chefs. By signing up now you have access to around 100 on-demand wellness videos, led by our expert teachers.

Here are examples of themes we have in the Hub:

Creating Soulful Spaces, Loving Kindness, Self Nourishment, Forgiveness, Pleasure and Sexuality, Unity, Grace, Family Healing, New Start, Simplify, Calm, Acceptance, Strength, Cycles and Rhythms, Personal Potential, Creativity, Releasing Tension, Shifting the Energy, Ceremony, Ground and Centre, The Blessings of Balance, Inner Sanctuary, We Are Forces of Nature, Gaia Embodiment and Moon Cycles: Follicular, Ovulation, Luteal and Menstrual via yoga, nutrition and meditation.