From Separated to Whole - Online Retreats

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  • Interpersonal connection to create a safe and transformational space

  • Healing work, including womb blessing and activation, as well as hypnosis and shamanic journeying using sacred cacao as medicine

  • Power from within yourself and within the group

  • Energetic work to connect with loved ones separated by physical distance

  • Mentoring team who bring in elements like shadow work, communication, limiting belief shifts, embodiment practices, sacred art, music and dance.

  • Workshops can be purchased individually to stand on their own, or you can add them to build on each other as part of the series.

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(4 WORKSHOPS / date and time TBC with participants)

Retreat 1: The Shadow of Separation (Sep / Oct dates)

  • Through shadow- and light-work with special guest mentor Monica Pelayo, we find the gold behind the shadow of separation and we dive deep into the forgiveness process

Retreat 2: From Fear to Courage (Oct / Nov dates)

  • How to strengthen our personal boundaries so that we can move from a place of strength and courage and don’t allow fear to run the show.

Retreat 3: Communicating with Clarity (Nov / Dec dates)

  • How to speak to men so that they can understand us, building bridges, non-violence and an insight into your personal Human Design.

Retreat 4: Embodiment through art, dance and music (Dec / Jan dates)

  • This is where we get to be fully present with body wisdom by using Dance Medicine, Music and Creativity to integrate all the learnings and rise with inner strength.