AUTUMN WEEK II: OCT 9-16 2021: Healing the Ancestral Line

AUTUMN WEEK II: OCT 9-16 2021: Healing the Ancestral Line

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Saturday, Oct 9 2021 - Saturday, Oct 16 2021

Healing the Ancestral Line

A profound week of nourishment for diving deep into the relationship we have with our mother and the relationship she has with us. We will clear blockages in our feminine ancestry and pave the way for clarity and vital energy.

Bring your mother to Ibiza. If you can't physically bring her, you can bring her 'energetically' to work on this relationship and others in your lineage. 

We welcome babies, toddlers, boys and girls on this retreat.

Nurturing the Bonds between Mothers

We are all born of Woman.

The relationship we have with our mother is so impactful it forms the basis of all other relationships. On top of this the mother-child connection is at the root of every woman’s health. 

Our mother’s womb is our first place of nourishment. It is where our beliefs and bodies are formed. It is where our cells divide to the rhythm of her heart-beat. We are nourished by her blood and bathed in the neurochemicals of her emotions. We hear what she hears, we feel what she feels, even before we are consciously hearing and feeling. Our sense of taste and smell begin developing at 3 weeks in utero, absorbed via our mother’s amniotic fluid. After nine months of this deep connection we leave the safety of our mother’s body and spend a lifetime finding our independence. 

Some of us become mothers ourselves. Some of us remain daughters. Some of us lose our mothers far too soon. All of us have an inner child who needs mothering. At this time in her- and history we understand that radical responsibility is called for. The human family is waking up and this means growing up. Mothering ourselves and becoming a loving, forgiving parent for our inner child leads to massive freedom and liberation.

Today we have ample knowledge from the areas of neuroscience, epigenetics and psychology to understand that we can heal lifetimes of suffering, abuse, victim consciousness and martyrdom that have been passed down through our lineage. Every daughter contains, in her DNA, all the mothers who came before her. We carry their courage, their strength and their blessings. However, the unrealised potential of our ancestors also keeps us small and in limiting patterns of behaviour. 

Women today are rising to their truth. We are activating our potential like never before after thousands of years of dominator systems. We are understanding that to be genuinely happy and healthy, we must clear our limiting beliefs and integrate our shadow aspects in order to become whole. In various traditions from Kundalini yoga to the shamanic teachings of the Qu’eros, the direct descendants of the Incas, it is believed that by healing ourselves we heal 7 generations who came before us and the 7 to come after us.

In this retreat we explore the relationship we have with our mother, our inner child and how we mother ourselves. Using different modalities we will explore how to move beyond fixed mindsets, imprints and stories to create more space, connection and freedom for ourselves.



You can visit our Accommodation Guide for more information. Please note that this Accommodation Guide is more up to date in terms of decor. The videos below give you a feel for the houses but the design has been upgraded throughout.



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Additional Childcare
Some little ones are happier with one-to-one care and personalised attention when away from mama. Please add this option to your booking if you would like a one-to-one carer for your child.
Second Child Supplement
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    • 7 nights accommodation at HolyMama.
    • Daily yoga class from Monday to Friday.
    • 2 evening events (for e.g. HolyMama Women’s Circle with Ceremonial Cacao, Sound Healing with Voice and DNA Activation). Babysitting included until the event finishes (circa 22:00hrs).
    • Opening welcome circle for mums and children, closing circle for mums.
    • 2-3 children's yoga classes per week with special children's yoga teacher (depends on age of children in the week).
    • Pedicure or Dr. Hauskcha/Dulkamara organic bamboo facial on-site.
    • Creative children's programme (carer to child ratio 2:1) every morning for 3-4 hours (if you have a treatment we include your childcare for longer). Multi-lingual, heart-centered carers using Montessori/Waldorf approach. Languages spoken: English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.
    • All meals for the family. These are delicious, organic, vegetarian meals prepared by high-end Ibiza caterers and private chefs. Children's evening meal prepared by children's private chef.
    • Daily organic alkalising juices and smoothies.
    • Snacks and fruit.
    • Unlimited coffee, herbal teas, and mineral water.
    • Superfood mid-afternoon snack to take-away
    • Beautiful welcome gift.
    • Daily cleaning.
    • Yoga mats, towels, bed-linen, hairdryers, WiFi etc.


Check-in is between 17.00 and 22.00 on Saturday.

Check-in after 22.00 is available at a 50 euro fee (payable upon arrival).

You can also check-in on Sunday before 1700, if those flight times suit you better.

Check-out is 10.00 the following Saturday.

The retreat begins officially with the opening circle on Monday.

Saturday is the arrivals day. Participants arrive at different times and dinner is provided. On Sunday we give you time to settle in and acclimatize. There is no fixed schedule to allow for rest after travel and space for small excursions. We will offer a complimentary mother and child workshop in the afternoon before dinner and the official opening circle will be Monday morning at 9.15 am. 

We highly recommend travel insurance, in case you cannot travel last minute. You need to agree to the terms to process your booking. 


*The Apartment is ideal for one large family or family & friends. The price includes two adults and one child or one adult and two children and additional adults or children can be added in the booking options above.