Add-on: Voxer Support

Add-on: Voxer Support

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Access to four months of high level support in a safe mastermind setting (four months is the time we expect it will take you to go through the material with spaciousness and ease).

Get on demand live support around the study content.

Accountability from the community of retreat leaders who are on the same path as you.

Next level discussions around business strategies, personal development and mindset.

Office hours are once a week for a 24 period to suit all time zones.

1:1 mentoring from HolyMama Founder, Claudia Spahr, within a study group to get your questions answered and support anytime and anywhere you need it. No need to schedule in zoom calls.

If you'd prefer to try a shorter trial version of the Voxer Support, you can get 48 hours for just 111€ !